Medicaid Long-Term Care Benefits

Get the nursing home or in-home care benefits your loved one needs.

If your loved one needs nursing home care, the costs and the complexities of the law can be overwhelming. You can easily exhaust your life savings and risk the loss of your home. 

If you're not independently wealthy, then Medicaid benefits could be an alternative. But rather than simply "spending down" your savings to qualify for Medicaid, you could let us help you put in place planning that the law allows to preserve your assets and provide you with the most nursing home benefits.

However, don't apply for Medicaid without the right advice. Medicaid planning in Texas is complicated! It can be a confusing maze of rules and regulations, and if you are not aware of all the traps and pitfalls, your application for assistance could be rejected because of something which would have been easily avoided, costing you thousands unnecessarily. While there are some "medicaid pending" nursing homes, meaning they will take your loved one while you wait for an approval, you don't want to wait looking for Medicaid solutions. Better to start planning now, so you don't put your family in a bind. 

If you're looking for Medicaid solutions in Texas, give us a call. At Nathan Ziegler & Associates, we can give you peace of mind by guiding you through the maze of Medicaid qualification, protecting your hard-earned assets for your family and assisting you in the nursing home planning process throughout West Texas.

Medicaid Planning Texas