Care Navigation at Nathan Ziegler & Associates

Embarking on a care journey for loved ones can be complex and taxing. Our Care Navigation team at Nathan Ziegler & Associates is here to guide you through these challenges. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions so that you can have peace of mind on your journey.

Facing Key Questions

On a loved one's care journey, we grapple with many questions. Among them:

  • How much care does my loved one need, and when is it unsafe for them to stay in their current living situation?
  • How can I expect my loved one's situation to evolve?
  • How do I ensure my loved one's quality of life will be as high as possible in every stage of their care journey?
  • What resources are available to help me manage caregiver stress?
  • To what extent, and in what ways, should I be involved in my loved one's care?
  • How do I find good care and what will that care cost?

You don't have to find the answers to these questions alone.

What is Care Navigation?

The Care Navigation experience includes new legal documents for your care journey, Care Needs Assessment, a Care Plan, assistance in selecting and continuing advocacy with healthcare providers (including home care agencies or facilities), and ongoing advice and consultations with your Care Navigator as care needs evolve.

Our Team

Our experienced team includes:

  • Michelle Pauda: A Licensed Social Worker with 20 years experience in all levels of long-term care and hospital discharge planning.
  • Aaron Pier: Attorney and Team Leader, guiding clients on estate planning strategies in the long-term care context, plus benefits qualification and asset protection.
  • Pam Kelly: Paralegal, experienced in Medicaid and VA benefits applications.

Care Navigation Goals

  1. Quality Care: helping you understand where your loved one is now, and what care is best for your loved one's health and wellbeing.
  2. Informed Decisions for Transitions: We are your resource when new decisions are needed.
  3. Legal Planning and Asset Protection: We provide coordinated estate planning and benefits eligibility strategies to help you protect your loved one's life savings.

Ideal Clients

Families overwhelmed by long-term care decisions, aging parents whose children live far away, or families dealing with Alzheimer's or dementia diagnoses can greatly benefit from our services.

Partnering with You

Caring for your loved one is multi-dimensional. Our comprehensive support extends beyond legal document preparation and benefits planning. Care Navigation is an ongoing relationship for the term of our engagement, in which your Care Navigator is there to provide support at every turn in your journey to improve quality of life for both the caregiver and the one needing care.

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