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Do you have a loved one living in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility? Will your loved one need long-term care within the next 5 years?

Whether you are planning ahead or in the middle of a care crisis, we will help your family take the important steps and decisive action needed to help you reduce or eliminate the rising costs of care for your loved one.

Nathan Ziegler & Associates is a full-service elder law, estate planning, Medicaid nursing home benefits, probate law, and veterans benefits firm in Lubbock, TX helping you navigate through the costs and preparations associated with long-term care and estate planning. With the skilled professionals and attorneys at Nathan Ziegler & Associates, we can provide peace-of-mind and protection to seniors, their homes and savings, and their families.

We understand that every situation is unique, and invite you to call our office today for an appointment at (806) 765-8801 or Email us.

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