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They have cared for us with patience and understanding, always keeping our best in mind. Yet, sometimes this loved one is no longer able to care for themselves. In these cases, guardianships can be established to protect our loved ones and ensure quality care for their medical and personal needs. In many cases, the need for guardianship arises as symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s become more severe.

We can assist you in becoming appointed Guardian of your loved one, ensuring that they will be secure and cared for. We can help you gain the authority you need to make the necessary decisions to care for your loved one and their assets.

At Nathan Ziegler & Associates, we help families navigate through the daunting tasks of applying for and establishing guardianship, administering a guardianship and preparing and submitting to the court the annual accounting and annual report in the Lubbock, Midland and Amarillo TX, area. Call us today!