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Answers For Alzheimer’s Workshop – Saturday March 2, 2013


As an Elder Law attorney, at least half of the families who come into my office are living with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s. From what I’ve seen, education is vital to help families understand the disease, and get the legal planning in place to protect the financial resources needed to ensure that loved one’s quality of life.

So I want to invite everyone to join me at the Answers For Alzheimer’s Workshop, Saturday March 2, 2013. This will be a one-day Workshop on a range of issues important to families dealing with Alzheimer’s. The event is being held at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Academic Classroom Building, Room 110. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Lunch is provided.

I’ll be speaking on the legal planning that helps pay for Alzheimer’s care. Other topics will include: current research, driving, managing difficult behaviors, and stages of the disease.

Come with your questions ready, and take advantage of some great resources for Alzheimer’s care assembled in one place. We’re all in this together!

By the way, hope you didn’t miss this amazing story on some cutting edge Alzheimer’s research: